April 14th, 2010 – Offline Inc. announces Sugarlips brand apparel wholesale website launch scheduled for May 2nd, 2010.  In an ongoing partnership with Flexo-web Wholesale Systems, Offline CEO and Founder Charles Park has announced the launch of the completely redesigned Sugarlips wholesale website.  “We have been planning on shifting our online wholesale efforts to the flexo-web platform for some time now and with the launch of the new website we will see those efforts come to light with many new features and available products for our wholesale clients.”

Joshua Dallyn, heading up the new eCommerce and Marketing Division at Offline was also available for  comment.  “With the launch of the new eCommerce and Marketing Division, and two completely redesigned wholesale and consumer websites, we really want to streamline our online efforts and give our new and existing clients more accessibility to our products than ever before, while we ourselves venture into the online marketplace with a focus on social media interaction and promotions.”

The new changes will begin to take effect as early as next week, and the wholesale site is scheduled to be fully live and accepting orders May 2nd.  With a planned availability of over 200 Sugarlips Styles ranging from the original Sugarlips Seamless line, to Pure Sugar by Sugarlips, and the redesigned Sugarlips Fashion Collection, this is good news for Sugarlips resellers and fashion boutiques worldwide.