Understanding that there was a need for creating a versatile apparel line, Sugarlips Apparel founder Charles Park personally hand selected the key designers that best fit into the Sugarlips brand apparel philosophy.  The Sugarlips brand combines traditional craftsmanship with modern seamless design and innovative fabric blends.  Drawing off their diverse experience, our key designers bring their own unique creativity to life.

Youri Lee is a talented designer at Sugarlips, focusing her creative efforts on fashion forward and edgy designs.  Her expertise in contemporary knits and soft woven’s has garnered much praise, and she brings her sketches to life through beautiful, innovative multi-fabric construction.  Youri has poured her imagination into trendy tops and dresses that can be found worldwide in well known boutiques and department stores.

Youri began her fashion career at St. John as an assistant designer for evening couture, blending sultry elegance with sex appeal. She then transitioned to Richard Tyler as a designer, helping bring Mr. Tyler’s couture quality to the higher-end contemporary market.  Under Mr. Tyler’s tutelage, Youri was able to sharpen her technical ability and creativity.

Following her tenure at Richard Tyler, Youri joined Fluet, Inc as the designer for contemporary silk tops and dresses.  There she injected her sense of femininity and sexiness into her designs.  Her extensive experience and unparalleled work ethic make Youri an invaluable member of Sugarlips.

Youri graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in 2004 majoring in fashion design.  She was the recipient of the TALA Scholarship and recognized for her award winning design, commissioned by Swarovski Crystal.

South Korean-born designer Amy Lee is well known for her hand in establishing the quintessential Sugarlips look.  She believes styles need to be chic and trendy, but more importantly need to be comfortable and wearable at the same time.  The result is a well made, fashion forward collection with a playful, inviting appeal.

An international design prodigy, Amy studied fashion design at Otis College of Art and Design, graduating in 2004.  After her graduation, she worked at BCBG, then St. John Knits, and ABS – infusing her expertise into luxury lines and well-known contemporary lines alike.  With that background, she was well suited to joining the design team at Sugarlips, where her talents have been well received.

Always ahead of current fashion trends, Amy has an uncanny ability to anticipate what women are most inclined to have in their wardrobe, and she delivers exactly that – modern romantic looks with a distinctive edge that caters to a younger vibrant clientele.  As she would tell you, Sugarlips is a modern lifestyle brand for a new generation.

Designer Anna Kovandjiska comes from a high-end contemporary background; her vast experience includes working as a designer at well known brands such as James Perse, Blue Cult, Monarchy and Poleci.

Anna is a graduate of the prestigious OTIS College of Art and Design; where her talents did not go unnoticed, landing her a job with Richard Tyler- a revered high end designer at the time. Her designs have been featured in numerous trade publications such as WWD, W.I.R.E, Apparel News, and others.

Anna’s main focus is on fashion forward, cutting edge, but wearable designs with emphasis on quality, construction, and interesting detail. Her inspiration comes from high fashion as well as the streets, and can be witnessed in her designs as an effortless fusion of the two. Anna is currently involved in designing/developing a new high end brand within the company that will target only a selected crop of elite stores.